What is Social Housing?

Social Housing is the overarching term used to describe all subsidised housing in Western Australia, provided for those in need for the duration of their need.

Social housing includes public housing, which is managed by the Housing Authority, and Community Housing which is affordable housing for people on low to moderate incomes with a housing need.

What is social housing?

Community Housing organisations are generally not-for-profit and are operated by a number of independent organisations in WA. There are currently over 6,500 community housing dwellings in WA including crisis, transitional and long-term housing options.

Many social housing tenants are employed but are on low incomes and cannot afford to rent privately. Other tenants have disabilities or other reasons that prevent them from being employed. Some people who never thought they would require social housing end up needing short-term assistance to get back on their feet after difficult circumstances such as illness, divorce, financial issues and job loss. Once they are able to support themselves again, they then transition back into the private rental market or even home ownership.

Others, such as the elderly, people escaping domestic violence situations and those with disabilities, may need housing assistance for longer.

Interesting facts

About Public Housing tenant income types.


Are on aged pensions


Are on disability or medical support pensions


Are on parental or caring pensions