Morgan and Chris' Story Video Transcript

Morgan: I work at Burswood Casino I work down at the canteen area, pick up, wiping tables down and all that. It’s a good job down there.

Chris: I’m a gardener. Activ Property Care I work for. I get up at 5 or 10 to 6 in the morning then I go by train or bus.

Frank: The benefits are I expect that they get some independence from us. That was the whole idea in the first place because we’re not going to be around forever so we get them independent as possible and they get a place that they’re happy with and living in beforehand then they’ve got more of a chance of surviving later.

Chris: It’s pretty good here.

Morgan: It’s pretty good.

Chris: Good home, good home.

Lyn: He goes 10-pin bowling which he really loves and yeah that’s about all because he can’t read and write.

Frank: It’d be no different to anybody else really. They just want a nice place to live.

Lyn: I know Chris is happy here.

Frank: At least here he’s with someone he knows and they get on well and we’re actually getting some extra help now to actually teach them cooking so they can actually survive by themselves a lot of the time so...

Chris: Yeah we’ve got a cook.

Morgan: Yeah we’ve got a cooking lady who comes over and cooks for us.

Frank: We have a lady come Tuesday and Thursday and assist them with the cooking and yeah so they’re doing quite well I think actually, or they seem to be anyway from the reports I get.

Frank: The social housing would be the only answer for them and it’s definitely brought them out and made them a bit more independent and they seem to be happy with what they do.

Lyn: Yeah...

Frank: Morgan always likes to come down. He comes to stay with us every second weekend but he always likes coming home.

Frank: I think they’ve blossomed a lot more since they’ve moved in here, both of them. They’re definitely independent and they make their own decisions now a lot of the time unless it’s obviously really bad.

Lyn and Frank: (laughs)

Frank: But most of the time they’re pretty good. They tell us what they want. It’s an opportunity I think for people that haven’t got the resources to rent privately and to get a slightly subsidised place that they can actually call their own home.


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