Sheree's Story Video Transcript

Sheree: In '89 I was diagnosed with a benign tumour, a brain tumour and they did surgery on the tumour for the biopsy and something happened and I got epilepsy and hydrocephalus, which is too much fluid around the brain, and I need a pump in my head that pumps it out and the epilepsy was only mild but I was having over 40 seizures a day and night.

The side effects of not being able to drive, having to use public transport late at night in bad areas, walking home from bus stops that are four streets away it’s not a good thing for someone to be doing.

It’s an amazing place to live. It is so comfortable. I never realised I didn’t need that much space until I moved into this apartment and it showed that I don’t need that much space for a single person and I love that.

Being close to the train station means that I’m not getting a bus to the train station at night or from the train station at night. The location is amazing for me it is a necessity and it’s worked out so well. It was worth the wait.

I, myself am a happier person where I’m at now and it’s all because of being able to live here and being able to afford to be able to live. So...being able to afford my medication and my rent and every bill that comes in and pay it on time is the best feeling. It’s the best feeling in the world.


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